Tailored Two-Way Communication Services

Our capabilities extend further than our globally leading communications products and wealth of knowledge. 

We provide ongoing support and service to ensure your radio system continues to empower your team to stay connected, responsive and to be productive. We have three fully equipped workshops across Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley staffed by highly trained technicians.  We also have mobile workshops that can provide field service any time of the week at any time of the day.  


Our Services:

Any sophisticated two-way communication system requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it continues to deliver maximum benefits to your operation. At Gencom, we are committed to ensuring you have communications when you need it, without downtime or large capital outlay.

Reliable communication solutions don’t come in a box. If you’re seeking to achieve greater efficiencies and raise the bar in workforce safety, your communication system must be well maintained, tested and regularly updated. 

We are committed to providing a level of support that ensures your two-way radio system keeps you connected, even in emergencies. Our experienced and skilled technicians are on-hand to help rapidly resolve any system issues you experience on-site

Once your system has been installed, our team of technicians is on hand to ensure you and your staff get the most from your radio equipment. Our technical staff are contactable around the clock to provide emergency repairs and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Gencom’s two-way radio network solutions ensure your communications are both dependable and reliable every time. Our unrivalled technical ability and deep industry knowledge enable us to connect any operating environment, no matter how complex or remote. 

With any communication system, the operation is only as good as the installation. Having a specialist partner with the right tools, experience and expertise is paramount to providing dependable and reliable communications in all conditions.

As a major supplier of all things radio across Australia and in addition to the level of service, reliability and support that we provide to our customers, we own and manage several radio networks throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley. 

Superior radio communication is just the beginning. Gencom owns and operates a broad number of tower repeater sites around our service region. We have access to hundreds more sites.

Whether you require a few portable radios for a one-day event, a range of portable radios for a month-long operation or to boost a mining project, or need to get radios quickly into the hands of volunteers or staff responding to an emergency situation, Gencom has you covered 

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