WES3 Wireless fire, evacuation & medical alert systems for construction site safety

WES3 is designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed throughout Australia & New Zealand by Gencom.

WES3 is the latest in fire and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics and is used on sites across the world,
from the UK to Australia and Spain. This advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire
and medical emergencies across sites.

This advanced system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites. WES3 comes with a market-leading two-year warranty.

The most advanced system produced by Ramtech, WES3 has been created to safeguard your personnel and property

Designed for Construction Sites

The range now includes the latest system control unit – WES3  CONNECT Base Station – which offers enhanced features over the standard bases station including:

This advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environment of construction sites.



To develop WES3, radio and electronics experts worked in direct collaboration with a number of Europe’s leading construction companies.


All WES3 units are 100% wireless, fully portable, easily relocatable and simple to use. WES3 offers the perfect temporary evacuation solution for the dynamics of any sized construction environment.


WES3 units are covered by a full 12 month manufacturer warranty, and have a 3-year battery life under normal conditions and usage.


Customers that have used other site safety systems will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to deploy, maintain and manage a WES3 system for the entire life-cycle of their project.


The secure radio network only recognises units that have been paired to the system, ignoring unpaired devices and outside interference. All WES3 units are type approved under AS/NZS 4268:2017.

Construction sites are dynamic, dangerous and constantly evolving. 

Whether it be a large civil project, medium sized residential apartment build or a demolition job—WES3 has been designed for all aspects of construction. Whilst there are host of legal, financial and moral responsibilities to keep your workers safe for the duration of the project, we believe deploying and maintaining an on site emergency and evacuation system does not need to be complex or costly.



The WES3 system uses Mesh protocol, is 100% wireless, and allows for the pairing of unlimited WES3 units per network. The intelligence of the the system enables all WES3 units to sync with all other WES3 units in range, creating a redundant wireless network. WES3 units are type approved in Australia and New Zealand, and are licence free.


The WES3 system is extremely versatile and scales in line with your current project requirements. For example, add additional evacuation points to the network as a new floor is completed, turn off the local heat detector when hot works are commencing, or relocate an unused unit in the basement to a new location. Adding or removing units to your network, can be done in one easy step and only takes seconds.


Efficiency and site safety doesn’t have to be complex or costly. The WES3 system has been engineered to be easily deployable, scalable and extremely low maintenance. WES3 eliminates many of the ongoing operating costs often associated with other site safety systems. System deployments, site training, ongoing maintenance and re-deployments can all be managed in house, which can help negate the need for costly installers and engineers. WES3 systems can be deployed to compliment or replace existing on site evacuation systems


Your WES3 system can have unlimited units on one site. Additional units can be quickly added or removed as the build evolves, and all WES3 units can be reused on future projects. This very low-maintenance system is simple to install, configure and operate. The Quick Start Guide provides additional assistance to get the system up and running in minutes.


With three levels of Integrity testing, you can depend on your system to be functional in the moments that matter. All integrity tests are logged on the base station to be retrieved later for auditing or post incident investigation: • Silent Test: Tests the system at its full capacity whilst minimising site disruption. • Polling: The system will automatically run a diagnostic twice daily. Any detected system issues will alert and also be logged on the base station for resolution. • A system poll can also be generated on demand to provide a real-time integrity report.


WES3 is independently tested, CE marked and type approved. Our robust and hard-wearing units are suitable for internal or external use, with weather sealing and a 3-year battery life under normal use.


With an excellent track record of performance, all WES units are designed and manufactured in Nottingham UK, and shipped worldwide, with over 60,000 units supplied globally since launching in 2014.


WES3 has grown to become a truly global alarm system, currently protecting sites in over 20 countries around the world. Using our innovative radio technology, WES3 has been developed to satisfy all applicable Radio and Communications legislation in international territories, including the relevant parts of ETSI, FCC and ACMA test standards, as well as achieving full EN54-25 certification.


With their 3-year (replaceable) battery life, WES3 units can be redeployed on multiple projects during their life cycle. This can provide huge long-term cost savings and helps generate much less environmental waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WES3 System has been approved to strict European EN-54 standards. While the EN-54 standard is not formally recognized within ANZ, you can trust your system knowing that all components and functionality have been designed to comply with the EN-54 European Standard.

The WES3 System has been type-approved under AS/NZS 4268:2017 Radio Equipment and Systems. As an evacuation system, the WES3 system will also assist you with compliance with the following ANZ OH&S legislation:

  • ANZ Standards 4801 OH&S Management Systems
  • ANZ Standard 3745 Planning for Emergencies.

Nurse Call boxes primarily act as an intercom system on a licenced frequency. Whilst traditional Nurse Call systems offer the benefits of 2-way conversations, they may not be cost-effective.

The WES3 system can replicate the functionality of a Nurse Call system and provide other advantages such as fire and smoke detection, enhanced site coverage, reporting and versatility, all without the need for mains power or licencing.

The WES3 system has a built-in optional inspection delay, meaning a site-wide evacuation alarm does not automatically trigger if a single evacuation point or detector is activated.

With inspection delay enabled, site operators have up to 10 mins (programable) to inspect any triggered events. At that point, the site operator can either cancel the pre-alarm or authorise a site evacuation.

The system has built-in redundancy to automatically trigger the site evacuation alarm if the pre-alarm is not cancelled or if two or more points are both triggered during the inspection delay period.
WES3 smoke detectors are dust resistant and are fit for purpose in unmanned areas of a construction site, as they will not activate due to dust exposure.

Gencom is the Authorised Distributor for WES3 across Australia and New Zealand. Gencom specialises in supplying and supporting digital 2-way radio communication systems for a diverse range of industries. Gencom also specialises in providing Safety and Nurse Call Solutions for the construction industry.

Established for over 30 years and ISO 9001 2015 registered, Gencom has a range of in house industry experts and an extensive range of trusted channel partners across Australia and New Zealand.

WES3 units can be deployed as soon as the cabins are on site and the build is out of the ground. Set up is quick and easy—it takes just a few minutes for your units to be on active duty protecting your site and workers.

Evacuation points are placed according to your evacuation plan—usually at each stairwell or lift shaft and added to the network as the build progresses. Units can be electronically numbered according to your site evacuation plan for easy identification if an event occurs. Heat and dust resistant smoke detectors provide active protection in enclosed and unmanned areas.

All your WES3 units connect to form a redundant wireless mesh network so that every connected unit can trigger a site-wide alarm, whether automatically via detection units or manually via the Evacuation Points.

During the project’s life, units can be added, moved or removed from the network in just a few minutes. System integrity testing happens automatically two times daily, and silent tests should be conducted according to your site safety plan- usually once per week. All events are logged in the site Base Stations and can be accessed at any time.

Once the project is complete, you can easily deactivate your units and re-deploy them on your next project.

wes3 mobile phone app

How prepared is your workplace? The daily threats & risks during construction are countless. Unfortunately incidents on construction sites will inevitably occur, the key is to mitigate and resolve events when they happen, as quickly and effectively as possible.

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