WES3 Range

WES3 is the latest in fire and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. Compliant to the UK EN54 standard, this advanced system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites.

Building on the success of our pioneering WES3 range using Ramtech’s in-house expertise in wireless technology, WES3 offers the most up-to-date wireless fire / evacuation alarms available on the market.

The most advanced system we have produced, WES3 has been created to safeguard your personnel and property. The brand-new features for WES3 include:

  • Medical alert - Raise the alert from any point in the network to the base station. It also links to our cloud-based REACT system.
  • Optional inspection delay - Enables site managers to establish whether a false alarm has been raised. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process.
  • Pre-alarm functions – Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert to indicate there is an issue without triggering a full evacuation.
  • Full isolation system test mode – Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire system.

Designed for REACT

WES3 works perfectly via 3G/4G with WES REACT, an innovative cloud-based management and alert tool. This gives your WES3 units even more functionality. 

Complies with all the latest legislation:

  • EN54 and the Construction Products Regulation
  • HSE Fire Regulations for Construction sites (HSG168)
  • European Standards covering the use of Radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
  • Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice
  • Structural Timber Association Guidelines
  • BS5839 – WES3 can be installed to BS5839, enabling use in temporary accommodation units

WES3 is designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed throughout Australia/New Zealand by Gencom.

The WES system has become established as the system of choice for many industrial applications across the globe, from schools to museums, power stations to rail depots. If you need a wireless alarm for fire or evacuation, then WES3 is the pinnacle.

WES3 combines ease of use, system reliability and the highest level of third-party certification. The system complies fully with the stringent UK standard EN54 part 25 and was the first on the market to do so, underlining the innovative approach taken during the rigorous R&D programme.

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