Wireless Fire And Emergency Alarm Systems

Gencom trust in only the best systems for our clients.  We are proud to introduce the WES wireless fire and emergency alarm system into Australia and New Zealand as the exclusive regional distributor.


WES is a global market leader that delivers a 100% wireless fire detection and safety system, initially engineered with leading European construction firms. WES provides a complete wireless fire and emergency alarm solution that meets and exceeds H&S requirements set out for the Australian and New Zealand construction industry.

WES units are compact, robust, simple to install, easy to maintain and come backed with an impressive 3-year standard battery life and 5-year unit life cycle, which means multiple uses over multiple projects with less wastage.

No matter the type, size or stage of your construction project, the WES wireless fire and emergency alarm system is completely scalable. It can operate from just 2 WES points to an unlimited number of WES points per project. The perfect solution for an evolving construction environment as points can be added, moved or removed within the system in minutes.

Each WES system saturates the project site with a secure, independent and licence free mesh radio network, equipping your workers and arming your site assets with 24-hour protection.

When the project is complete, deactivate the WES units and redeploy them on your following site.

Operation, training and induction to the system are quick and straightforward, meaning WES can align with or become the basis of your company’s site safety program. As there is no need for wiring, cabling or technical expertise, a single WES unit alone can save thousands of dollars in maintenance over its 5-year life cycle.

Contact us to learn more about the WES system or to organise an obligation free on-site demonstration.


WES3 is the latest fire and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. This advanced system is engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites.

A 24/7 cloud-based, real-time site alert and monitoring system. The simple-to-use mobile phone app and browser management tool creates a fully integrated, real-time emergency response system to protect a site 24/7.

Intelligent technology that detects the fire risk before it ignites isolates the power to the electrical device at risk and sends an instant alert to all relevant personnel.


WES3 is designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed throughout Australia & New Zealand by Gencom.


The most advanced system we have produced, WES3 has been created to safeguard your personnel and property:

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