Gencom has a range of solutions for onsite emergency contacts

Ranging from our in-house manufactured eCall solution to the off-the-shelf, fully expandable WES3 range of products.

Wireless Emergency System (WES)

We trust in only the best systems for our clients.

The WES system is a market-leading, 100% wireless safety and security solution for a range of mining and construction sites.

WES offers a reliable 3-year standard battery life. The units are compact, robust, simple to install, easily trained to staff and designed to deliver exceptional support in often rugged environments. Each system allows access and communication between an unlimited number of WES units, creating an independent wireless site network for your project. A simple LED screen and the ability to interface with other site systems means the WES system instantly reports system issues back to the base station.

The WES system can easily align with or become the basis of your site safety program and can be scale based on your requirements. A single WES unit alone can save thousands of dollars on a project over its life cycle in maintenance costs alone, which can be associated with other site safety products and systems.

Specialist eCall systems

The system comprises a weatherproof, industrial grade, stainless steel housing with emergency activation, push-to-talk function, built-in microphone and horn speaker.

eCall is based on Motorola’s MOTOtrbo digital radio platform and is a fully-featured solution including voice. The ability to speak back to emergency points means clear and concise procedures can be implemented, saving precious time (an essential in this industry). 

Red and green beacons provide a visual indication of the system status, and the integral siren ensures the evacuation activation is not missed. Designed for use with standard MOTOtrbo radios. Alarms can be sent to either a fixed base or portable units. When integrated with Trbonet, the system also allows voice logging, unit identification and reporting for verification purposes.

This solution helps save time and headaches by utilising existing mains power and provides the level of dependability and efficiency you need, with battery backup providing that additional peace of mind that you’re system is looking after you and your patients.

For more information on emergency alarm systems that can improve your operations, contact us today.

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