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Wireless Networking, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint IP Links, Wifi Connectivity and Mesh Solutions

Gencom has extensive experience in wireless networking and operates a number of wireless point-to-point IP links between our network tower sites. Wireless IP links offer a wireless digital link solution for back haul, point-to-point, point to multi point, mesh, mission critical highly efficient links and telemetry links for SCADA applications. They offer a range of benefits to your business, including: 

  • They span distances beyond the capabilities of typical cabling.
  • It provides a backup communication link in case your normal network fails.
  • Links portable or temporary workstations.
  • Remotely connects mobile and radio users or networks.
  • Allows you to overcome circumstances in which normal cabling is either difficult or impractical from a finance perspective.
  • Our point-to-point solutions offer Line of Sight (LoS) and Near Line of Sight (nLoS) service.
  • Wireless point to multi point applications can service a small or wide area, are extremely robust, secure and provide ideal access points for campuses, hospitals, large business sites, mining sites and wide area consumer broadband access.

Our wireless networking solutions are fully digital, high capacity data connections, with our point to multi point solutions offering connectivity at up to 300Mbps and our point-to-point wireless networking systems offering connectivity up to 1Gbps.


wireless mesh network

Gencom offers various Wi-Fi and mesh solutions to cater to your business needs.

Business or education institutions often have the need for multiple sites or campuses located near or at a distance from each other to have high speed Wi-Fi connectivity for their end users. 

Using the latest technology in wireless connectivity, Gencom’s professionally installed Wi-Fi and mesh solutions offer this capability in an easily deployed, cost effective, robust package.

Wi-Fi installations typically provide broadband internet connectivity over a small or wide area catering to a few devices or many hundreds.

Mesh solutions extend these Wi-Fi across campuses, buildings and towns without the need to implement wired connections.

Gencom’s experience in installing, configuring and operating these types of wireless IP networks makes us an ideal partner to assist business to achieve their networking goals, whether you’re extending across a busy road or across the state.


point to multi point network

Wireless broadband access networks deliver the high-speed Internet access, video surveillance, SCADA, streaming video and VoIP solutions that discerning consumers require.

These carrier grade last mile solutions provide wireless connectivity solutions that expand existing fibre, cable and DSL networks into hard to reach, underserved areas.

Our solutions can also be used for SCADA and smart grid applications, 3G offload or other broadband communications.

Our wireless access solutions operate in the licensed, unlicensed and federal frequency bands, providing superior performance in a wide variety of spectrums, including 900 MHz, 2.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.9, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7 and 5.9 GHz.

With their simple, elegant design and flexible configuration options, our PMP network solutions lead the marketplace in speed and ease of installation, reducing both cost and time-to-market and ensuring high performance at an exceptionally low cost of ownership

Point to Point

point to point network

Point to Point (PTP) networking solutions provide outstanding network performance in licensed, unlicensed and defined use frequency bands.

Gencom wireless connectivity products are ideal for applications requiring high bandwidth dedicated data paths that would otherwise be unobtainable via conventional fixed line solutions.

These wireless link solutions are ideal for:

  • Connecting two or more building together
  • Replacing cost prohibitive leased line solutions
  • Providing temporary site-to-site links
  • Providing disaster recovery and redundancy in mission critical applications

Using our award winning wireless solution partners, we provide reliable, cost effective link and back haul solutions to compliment your business.  

If you’re looking for the enhanced productivity, mobility and convenience offered by a wireless network, our experience installing, configuring and operating wireless systems for a range of industries and clients makes us the perfect partner.

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