Leading Specialised Supplier of Wireless Communications Solutions
for over 35 Years
Gencom is an Australian leader in
Wireless Communication Solutions
Leaders in Two Way
Technology Designed
for the way you work best
Specialist in Tailored
Network Solutions
Leading the way in two way
solutions wherever you work

Gencom will keep you connected where it counts…

In the modern world, businesses need to stay switched on to their employee’s whereabouts at all times. Communication is fundamental to meeting tougher WHS standards and employer expectations. In a competitive and demanding market, connectivity is key to ensure your business maximises productivity at the lowest cost.

Our two-way communication tools are purpose built for you, so you can do your best work!

We are well-positioned and resourced to be a major supplier of all things radio across Australia. Our clients come to us with a problem, and we provide the best technology, service, support and coverage for their needs.

Gencom is an Australian leader in tailored two-way communication services.

We specialise in designing two-way communication solutions that maximise your business’ efficiency, safety and productivity.



We are passionate about bringing unrivalled two-way digital radio technologies to our clients. Our two-way radio systems give you the network, device and security tools you need to get more out of your business, site or project. They enhance productivity, increase site safety, streamline business operations and save you money. 


Any sophisticated two-way communication system requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it continues to deliver maximum benefits to your operation. At Gencom, we are committed to ensuring you have communications when you need it, without downtime or large capital outlay. 


We offer a wide range of quality products the World’s leading manufacturers.No matter what your application Gencom has a solution to fit your budget. From a simple UHF radio to a complex area wide network our expansive range ensures we have the right product fit for you. 

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