Our range of pagers and paging systems ensure you instantly stay connected where and when it counts.

From systems designed for safety and security onsite, to sophisticated paging technologies designed to keep your busy hospital, hotel or venue running smoothly. 

From the front of house to the back, we’ll work with you to identify and create the right paging solution for your unique needs.

Alarm Paging Systems

Our alarm paging system can provide an immediate, customisable notification for a multitude of alarm conditions directly to the pager wearer or to multiple users and without human intervention. 

Emergency Services Pagers

Pagers are an ideal solution for locating a large number of mobile staff and volunteers at a relatively low cost.

Unlike traditional carrier networks, such as mobile phones, that are expensive to operate and limiting in terms of coverage in sparse areas, our emergency service paging system ensures users can be contacted at anytime without attracting the ongoing call charges of a standard cellular and paging system.

With group call, voice prompted telephone and high-powered transmitters for reliable coverage, this paging system is perfect for emergency service providers.  

Hospital & Medical Pagers

Staying connected instantly with staff, aged care residents and patients is crucial in a health service environment.  Our health service paging systems ensure patients or residents can promptly call hospital pagers and integrates with a nurse call system to ensure response is reliable and quick.

Our sophisticated system works with other electronic systems (such as nurse call, building management, security and alarms) in your hospital, health or aged care facility to streamline communication. Staff can easily stay in touch with one another and can send numeric and alphanumeric messages to any staff pager, cellular phone, wireless phone or email address simply by pressing a few buttons on any telephone extension or accessing a PC.


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