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Australia’s number one Digital two-way radio Network.

As a major supplier of all things radio across Australia and in addition to the level of service, reliability and support that we provide to our customers, we own and manage several radio networks throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley.

The ORION Network is our flagship network which is backed by Australia’s leading communications partners.  It includes a host of features which can be tailored to your organisation, these include both private and group calls, multiple talk groups, emergency calling, status messaging, text messaging, GPS location, geofencing, detailed reporting and mobile phone integration to name a few.

This together with unmatched coverage and superior digital audio quality keeps your business connected when you need it most. 

The Orion Network ensures your workforce is always connected

Founded by a group of Australia’s leading mobile communication experts, The Orion Network is backed by an aggressive growth strategy and serviced by the most comprehensive network of engineers and technicians in the industry.

Powered by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus digital mobile radio technology (DMR), voice and data services are integrated into one device to enable clearer, faster and more versatile extended range communications.
Orion’s scalable network platform offers flexibility for single and multi-site operations, with mobile and portable two-way radio solutions uniquely programed to your requirements.
Multi-site digital trunking technology increases capacity and enables automatic site roaming over extended ranges, with superior voice clarity and secure transmission. Optional integrated data applications such as GPS location services, text messaging, data services and dispatch console capability can assist to improve operational productivity and safety performance.

Providing national radio coverage in all major capital cities of Australia and many regional areas.  This platform allows seamless roaming of radios around the nation and is an ideal choice for national service provision companies, transport and logistics providers and many business users.

The Orion Difference:

Unrivaled network coverage

The Orion Network is by far Australia’s most reliable digital two-way radio network providing unrivaled coverage in Australia and New Zealand.

Orion repeater base stations are strategically located in each jurisdiction, automatically registering your location to ensure seamless roaming
between sites.

orion network

Providing national radio coverage in all major capital cities of Australia and many regional areas.  This platform allows seamless roaming of radios around the nation and is an ideal choice for national service provision companies, transport and logistics providers and many business users..

Flexible solutions for a mobile workforce

Whether you’re in an office, factory, stadium or vehicle – The Orion Network provides critical system features to ensure your workforce is always connected.

Priority Access

Assign a priority status to key personnel to ensure fast access for critical communications.

Automatic Channel Access

Efficient channel utilisation reduces the chance of queuing when you place a call or send data.

Enhanced Security

A three-level security check assists to prevent unauthorised users, while the network manager’s “disable feature” makes it easy to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio.

GPS Services

Web based maps enable you to locate an employee, keep customers informed and re-trace movements to improve route planning and efficiency.

Data Applications

Bolt on multiple data applications including GPS services, text messaging and dispatch console options, or customise bespoke applications through Motorola’s developer program MOTOTRBO™.

Duress Alert

Enable staff to call for help at the press of a button, dispatching instant visual alerts and location details to control centre operators.

Private Calling

View caller ID and create unique talk groups for private conversations.

Digital Voice Quality

Built-in error correction techniques reconstitute voice at nearly its original fidelity throughout the coverage area.

Centralised Dispatch Capability

Tend to urgent customer requests, locate the nearest driver and arrange an urgent repair with an IP based console.

Contact List

Pre-programmed radio identification aliases enable greater efficiency in communication management.

Automated Site Roaming

Experience seamless communication as you travel without the hassle of manual channel changes.

Seamless Maintenance

The network manager interface allows your network partner to add radios or even add sites without disrupting business activity.

Dedicated Control Slot

Quickly access voice and data services even during high traffic times.

The Orion Network is the trusted choice for councils

The radio system on the Orion network is often the only communication system left standing in a natural disaster and extreme weather conditions, that’s why it’s the trusted choice for City of Newcastle Council, Lake Macquarie City Council, Port Stephens Council, Muswellbrook Shire Council and Maitland City Council.

For more details on our supplier networks and to find out how they can streamline your business’ operations, contact us today

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