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Do your best work with a powerful two-way communication system tailored to your business.

Our communication solutions include digital radios, wireless emergency alarms, paging systems, PTT over cellular, wireless networking, software applications and more to enhance productivity, increase site safety, streamline business operations and save you money.


We are passionate about bringing unrivalled two-way digital radio technologies to our clients. Our two-way radio systems give you the network, device and security tools you need to get more out of your business, site or project. They enhance productivity, increase site safety, streamline business operations and save you money. 

Handheld and vehicle mobile communication devices that look and acts like a two-way radio but is, in fact, a cellular endpoint. This technology is referred to as push-to-talk over cellular or POC/PTTOC, and it is revolutionising the way you do your best work.

As a major supplier of all things radio across Australia and in addition to the level of service, reliability and support that we provide to our customers, we own and manage several radio subscriber networks throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley.  

The Cel-Fi product line is the best solution on the market for addressing the universal challenge of inadequate cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. Unconditionally network safe, with an exceptional coverage footprint and Carrier approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data.

Our range of paging systems ensures you instantly stay connected where and when it counts. From systems designed for safety and security onsite to sophisticated paging technologies designed to keep your busy hospital or hotel running smoothly from the front of the house to the back, we’ll work with you to identify and create the right solution for your unique needs.

Gencom has a range of solutions for onsite emergency contacts, ranging from our own in-house manufactured eCall solution to the off-the-shelf, fully expandable WES3 range of products.

Mobile or fixed infrastructure, from trailers with integral solar power supplies and batteries to fixed plinths, skids, and communications shelters, we can tailor a configuration to suit you. We can also help with antenna masts, whether mechanical, pneumatic, fixed telegraph pole, guyed mast or freestanding tower.

Are you configuring large fleets of radios? Need to track users or monitor fatigue and alarms? The digital apps market is the most rapidly expanding area of development in the two-way radio industry. From voice consoles to sophisticated resource management tools and GPS tracking, apps can increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve safety.

Gencom has extensive experience in wireless networking and operates several wireless point-to-point IP links between our network tower sites. Wireless IP links offer a wireless digital link solution for backhaul, point-to-pointpoint to multipointmesh, mission-critical, highly efficient links and telemetry links for SCADA applications. They offer a range of benefits to your business.


For more than 35 years, Gencom has experienced solid and sustained growth, bolstered by acquiring several communications companies throughout our key service regions. Today we employ over 35 staff that work across salesservice and engineering support for our clients.

We also have invested in transmission sites and digital radio networks throughout the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley region so we can provide superior coverage and connectivity, no matter your needs.

We also have invested in transmission sites and digital radio networks throughout the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley region so we can provide superior coverage and connectivity, no matter your needs.

Large businesses and projects trust our turnkey service, including:

  • Tomago Aluminium
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Barangaroo Delivery Authority
  • Comfort Delgro Cabcharge
  • Remondis Waste Management
  • Multiplex Constructions
  • Newcastle Airport
  • Boral Resources
  • BHP Energy Coal
  • Westfield Group
  • NSW Rural Fire and State Emergency Service
  • Downer Group and many more.

We connect your business in the way you want, to the people you want!

Gencom Clients


The breadth of experience, knowledge and innovation we have allows us to cater for diverse industries, including but not limited to mining, transport, health, security, aviation & shipping, emergency services, commercial, government, industrial and logistics markets.

Emergency Services

health industry

aviation industry

transport and logistics industry

security industry

mining industry


In addition to our primary role of communications equipment sales and support, we provide ancillary services, including system engineering and design, RF path profiles, radio site surveys, intermodulation analysis and site design.   

Our willingness to invest in new technologies and source innovations ensures we can offer you the highest quality communication tools built for reliability. Product research and development is a crucial aspect of Gencom’s capabilities. Working with our partners to develop new products has seen the release of several solutions for site call, first aid and emergency, crane operations, hornless horns (truck full), dispatch integration and other applications brought to market. 

Gencom and its partners have significant expertise in telemetry and SCADA, Bi-directional amplifiers, Wireless IP Data, collision avoidance technology, fatigue management solutions and alarm escalation management to provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities well beyond the traditional two-way radio voice communications portfolio.

For a Two Way Communication Solution designed for the way you work best, get in touch with the experts!

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