APCO P25 Mobile Radios, Portable Radios & Repeaters

APCO P25 is a digital standard developed in the US predominantly for public safety and land mobile applications. It has been widely adopted in Australia for the Government Radio Network (GRN) and is used by police, ambulance and fire services. 

We’ve implemented this system for a range of clients, including Glencore’s Hunter Valley Operations and Yancoal’s Mount Thorley Warkworth mines in the Hunter Valley. They embraced the analog compatibility and high power of the P25 mobile and portable radios.

It is still the system trusted by public and emergency services today.


Why choose APCO P25

  • It is used to provide a larger coverage footprint than some other digital solutions as a result of the higher power of the mobile and portable terminals.
  • When operating in digital mode, APCO P25 has exceptional audio clarity in comparison to analogue systems, however also operates excellently when in analogue mode itself.
  • The P25 terminals are rugged and easy to migrate.
  • Our clients, particularly in the mining sector, have found the system to provide increased digital coverage and operational efficiencies, as well as the option to stay connected in analogue mode when visiting other legacy mines.
  • The APCO P25 operates under two modes – conventional mode which provides a simple infrastructure which repeats radio calls from one system to another; and trunked mode through which a controller inside the infrastructure manages the channels and assignment, calls, etc.

Gencom has worked with several P25 manufacturers, notably Motorola, to build our in-house P25 skillset with specialist training courses and rigorous qualifications.


We have code plugs designed to include the analog all-mines radio list and specialist digital programming for mines such as Rio Tinto’s Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW). Rollout of the digital radio infrastructure at the mine site was a first for mines in the region with a digital P25 solution.

Likely, other Rio Tinto Coal & Allied mines will also utilise the P25 system infrastructure and architecture, providing increased digital coverage and operational efficiencies for the businesses contracted to work in these mines.

When considering a mine digital radio network, the P25 solution, with its gradual phase-in of terminals operating in legacy analogue mode, must be a significant factor in any digital communications technology decisions.

APCO P25 Hardware

We can build you a complete communications system with our portfolio of P25 radios, infrastructure, dispatch consoles, and software applications.



Gencom’s core capability is two-way radio systems. Sophisticated, mission critical, multi-site digital solutions, each tailored to your business’ needs and budget.
We are passionate about bringing unrivaled two-way digital radio technologies to our clients.
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Whether mobile or fixed application, Gencom has the right solution to keep your site working. We can tailor a configuration to suit you, from trailers with integral solar power supplies and batteries to fixed plinths, skids and communications shelters.
Site equipment, transport and integration. From a small conventional system to a statewide trunked network, we have all.
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Software Applications

Are you configuring large fleets of radios? Need to track users or monitor fatigue and alarms?
Add intelligence to your system, from tracking solutions to keep your personnel safe to software to secure your radios.
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