NXDN & IDAS Radio Solutions

NXDN is developed on a common air interface known as Digital Private Mobile Radio (DPMR) and provides a highly cost-effective and seamless upgrade from analogue to digital operations. Kenwood’s NexEdge and Icom’s IDAS digital land mobile radio systems use the NXDN interface and offer a complete system solution for site and business communication.

Both Kenwood and Icom provide repeaters and terminals capable of operating in full digital or legacy analogue modes, allowing for the staged or phased upgrade approach to an existing network.

NXDN NEXEDGE Portable Radios

Why choose NXDN and IDAS

  • IDAS and NXDN use IP to transport radio traffic between sites, making no site too far to transport communication and ensuring scalability into the future.
  • This solution is cost-effective, efficient and a proven approach to digital trunking.
  • All NexEdge and IDAS equipment operates in 25 and 12.5 kHz analogue and 12.5 and 6.25 kHz digital modes, therefore satisfying the spectrum requirements today and into the future.
  • The system bridges the gap between analogue and digital, bringing both technologies together on a single channel so that all team members can talk to one another seamlessly. It also lets you connect dispersed sites as well as communicate to a single site.
  • Where security is required, the IDAS system can offer a digital voice scrambler for encryption. 
  • Scalable solutions from a single channel to wide-area Trunked.

NXDN & IDAS Hardware

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