Two-Way Radio Network Solutions

Experts in wide-area digital and analogue two-way radio systems, we offer private and public two-way radio networks and products across NSW and Australia.

Gencom’s two-way radio network solutions ensure your communications are dependable every time. Our unrivalled technical ability and deep industry knowledge enable us to connect to any operating environment, no matter how complex or remote.


The Orion Network

We frequently develop private communication systems and internal infrastructure to cater for enhanced security and unique operating requirements.

Our technical engineers and installation team are skilled in delivering reliable networks, including:

As specialists in digital and analogue voice technologies, two-way radio networks and data application integration, we focus on finding the right solution for your business.

If your operations demand a two-way radio network that can support Australia-wide communications, then this is it. 

The Orion Network is Australia’s most reliable wide-area network offering integrated voice and data coverage and seamless roaming across Perth, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

Powered by Motorola’s MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus & Capacity Max digital mobile radio technology (DMR), The Orion Network provides vast operational efficiencies for teams moving across state borders, linking fleets and command centres across the country.

Our flagship network backed by Australia’s leading communications partners includes a host of features that can be tailored to your organisation. 

These include;

  • Both private and group calls
  • Multiple talk groups
  • Emergency calling
  • Status messaging
  • Text messaging
  • GPS location
  • Geofencing
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Mobile phone integration

To name a few! This, together with unmatched coverage and superior digital audio quality, keeps your business connected when you need it most.

Gencom is proud to be a founding partner of The Orion Network in Australia.

For more information on our two-way radio systems and networks, contact us

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