We are committed to providing a level of support that ensures your two-way radio system keeps you connected, even in emergencies. Our experienced and skilled technicians are on-hand to help rapidly resolve any system issues you experience on-site.

Our technicians are certified to repair and make adjustments to your two-way radio system and our service level agreements encompass preventative maintenance, planned maintenance, remote access and onsite support through our own technicians or our regional dealers.

Our industry experience has proven that scheduled maintenance of network infrastructure and periodic testing of equipment can not only improve the life of your two way radio system, but can also provide you with greater certainty of up-time, drive productivity and improve control over costs and resources.

We offer:

  • Troubleshooting, repair and re-optimisation
  • Scheduled reporting of system performance, system status and testing results.
  • Preventative maintenance (periodic or one-off).
  • 24/7 dispatch.
  • Site audits and safety plans.
  • Fixed price repair options.
  • Extended warranty arrangements

If you’re seeking to achieve greater efficiencies from your two-way radio system and ensure its reliability, we recommend establishing a scheduled field maintenance program. Our two-way radio field maintenance team will come to you to deploy, optimise, and repair your two-way radio communication system so it continues to work at its best.

Field Service
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