Two-Way Radio Preventative Maintenance

Reliable communication solutions don’t come in a box. If you’re seeking to achieve greater efficiencies and raise the bar in workforce safety, your communication system must be well maintained, tested and regularly updated.

We can repair and maintain almost any type of radio communication equipment supplied by us and other providers. We have a rigorous maintenance standards so that we can keep you connected and your operation running smoothly and safely.

Our industry expertise has proven that scheduled maintenance of network infrastructure and periodic testing of equipment can not only improve the life of your two-way radio system but can also provide you with greater certainty of up-time, drive productivity and improve control over costs and resources.

We offer:

  • Preventative maintenance (periodic or one-off)
  • Field maintenance
  • Maintenance agreements (based on structured SLAs and KPIs)
  • 24/7 dispatch available
  • Site audits and safety plans
  • Network design
  • Fixed price repair options
  • Troubleshooting, repair and re-optimisation
  • Extended warranty arrangements

Contact our sales team to find out more about our maintenance options for two-way radio communication systems. 

Preventative Maintenance For Two-Way Radios
two way radio repairs

Under our preventative maintenance plan your radios and communication equipment will be physically cleaned and checked as well as the settings optimised for best performance.

Below are some examples of services carried out under our preventative maintenance schedule:

  • We will physically inspect the equipment removing any dust and foreign materials inside the unit
  • Measure, record, test, tune and align your equipment
  • Ensure correct receiving and transmitting frequencies are being used
  • Evaluate battery condition and service life
  • Check reflected power in the antenna lines of mobile radios and repeaters
  • Recalibrate equipment to original parameters based on your programming
  • Upgrade with the most current firmware

Reduce Expensive Radio Repairs with Preventive Maintenance

When your radio equipment faces the daily barrage of dust, water, heat and more in our tough Aussie conditions, a preventive radio maintenance schedule can improve performance and save money while protecting your investment. 

This means that your two-way radios and other radio equipment will last much longer!

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