Introducing WES Hotspot, the latest in groundbreaking fire safety innovation from the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics. This intelligent technology detects the risk of fire before it ignites, isolates power to the electrical device at risk and can send an instant alert to all relevant personnel.

The addition of Hotspot to our market-leading product range means that we can help protect your building from the risk of fire from initial construction to final hand-over and ongoing maintenance. By implementing a pre-ignition solution, you can stop fire before it starts, limiting the risk of damage to your building.

There are over 25,000 electrical fires in the UK each year, each causing damage to both property and risking lives. The Hotspot system has been designed specifically as a pre-ignition solution to stop electrical fires from happening. This simple, effective monitoring of electrical components, connections and equipment enables the prompt detection of abnormal heat transforming an electrical fire risk into a maintenance issue.

Hotspot offers you comprehensive protection throughout your entire building. It combines sensitive heat detectors and wireless technology to create a fully integrated system that not only stops fire from starting but alerts your maintenance team to ensure the problem is quickly addressed. It can be fitted in new and existing consumer units and distribution boards.

It is more intuitive than existing protective devices such as MCBs and RCDs because it responds to the excessive heat caused by wiring faults and overloads, which are some of the leading causes of electrical fires. As a result, this unique system offers an innovative way of preventing electrical fires within a range of devices.

Protect your personnel, property and business with Hotspot. 

Key features of the system

System components:

Integrated fire prevention

Hotspot connects to our WES range creating an integrated, seamless alert system. There are three ways to link Hotspot:

  1. WES interface direct link into the fire alarm system
  2. Link via WES REACT
  3. Integrate to a third-party alarm system or BMS

Connecting Hotspot to WES REACT means that should Hotspot detect a pre-ignition risk; your team will be immediately alerted to the fault via text and the app. This integrated technology transforms a potential electrical fire emergency into a maintenance issue. 

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