WES3 Link Unit

The WES3 Radio Repeater Link unit is essentially very simple – it extends / boosts the range of your WES system on very large, complicated or high density construction sites.

It’s cost-effective way of linking the system up to a wider network. Connect your existing WES3 units, set up on site and the Link unit will act as a relay to link geographically separated sections of the site together. Simple!

Do I need a link?

In most cases, you’ll probably never need a radio repeater unit for your WES3 system – each unit has excellent wireless range already that will cover most large structures. However, if you do receive a low signal warning, for example if a far-off fire point becomes more obscured as a build progresses and starts to lose signal, you can add a Link unit to boost the signal and make sure your fire alarm system continues to work optimally.

The WES3 Radio Repeater Link unit
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