With any communication system, the operation is only as good as the installation. Having a specialist partner with the right tools, experience and expertise is paramount to providing dependable and reliable communications in all conditions.

Gencom’s skilled technical staff have the right experience and expertise to ensure your equipment is operating at its best.
At our premises or yours and whether it’s a single radio in a vehicle to a large fleet, we can help you install mobile radios, CB’s, cellular phones, handsfree car kits, telematics units and GPS.

If your fleet is located in a regional, or a hard to get to location, our two-way radio field maintenance team in NSW will happily travel to you to install and optimise your fleet communication system.

Gencom’s two-way radio specialists operate to the highest levels of workplace health and safety standards both on-and-off site and are willing to take part in any site induction processes required

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