Remote Monitoring & Control Systems

Our Telemetry range includes low profile modular designs for a variety of applications; rack mounted for high-density applications and a site monitor series for communications monitoring and control. Telemetry systems provide affordable ways of remote control and status monitoring. These may eliminate time consuming staff visits to remote sites and equipment. Telemetry allows users to send status commands and interrogation of equipment or environments 24 hours a day. Changes in status can be remotely remedied to preset criteria. Telemetry systems can be used to send alarm messages via traditional wide area networks, in-house paging systems or mobile phones.
Telemetry equipment can be used to remotely turn on or off third party devices such as lighting, water and power. When used in conjunction with other paging systems and equipment, our telemetry systems can automatically switch on or off equipment such as alarms. You can even use email or SMS to activate/deactivate the paging devices.
Common uses of our telemetry solutions include remote access gates, control and status reporting for remote pumps, power control and many more applications where remoteness of location makes direct human control impractical. While GME provides the bulk of our telemetry products, we have many other suppliers of particular devices that we may use in specific projects. Usually these devices are chosen for their compatibility with existing equipment to be controlled.

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