Community Repeaters

Gencom owns and operates a number of shared community repeaters around the region with tower sites located at Mt Penang on the Central Coast, Mt Sugarloaf behind Newcastle, Mt Arthur near Muswellbrook and Gan Gan near Nelson Bay. These sites provide shared access to private operators using analogue radio systems as well as providing a useful UHF CB site for the community at large.

Gencom offers these CB repeaters as part of a program of giving back to the community. These are entirely free to use and are maintained by Gencom’s trained field technicians to deliver a useful community service to so many users in the region. You can download the coverage prediction plots for these and other Gencom sites Coverage Plots below.

Gan Gan Community UHF Repeater

Mt Arthur Community UHF Repeater

Mt Sugarloaf Community UHF Repeater

Penang UHF Community Repeater

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