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Gencom operates a number of Wireless Point to Point IP links between our network tower sites. Point to Point IP Links are fully digital high capacity data connections that carry data and/or voice encoded in a digital format over an extended range. Our Point to Multipoint (PMP) solutions offer connectivity at up to 21Mbps while our Point to Point (PTP) solutions offer data throughput at up to 368Mbps.

Applications for PTP solutions include short, medium & long distance wireless connections to extend voice or data networks. Business or education institutions may have multiple sites or campuses located near or at a distance from each other and require secure high-capacity wireless connection between these sites. Using the latest technology in wireless connectivity, Gencom's professionally installed PTP solutions offer Line of Sight (LoS) and Near Line of Site (nLoS) service.

PMP applications typically provide broadband internet connectivity over a small or wide area. These devices are extremely robust, intrinsically secure and provide ideal access points for campuses, hospitals, large business sites and even wide area consumer broadband access.

Gencom's experience in installing, configuring and operating these types of wireless IP networks makes us an ideal partner to assist business to achieve their networking goals, whether you're extending across a busy road or across the state.

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