NXDN Nexedge & IDAS

Platform  & Technology

NXDN is a platform developed on a common air interface known as DPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio). It is used by a number of manufacturers, most notably Kenwood's Nexedge system and Icom's IDAS product portfolio.

It is based on FDMA principles (Frequency Division Multiple Access) and provides an extremely cost-effective upgrade path from analogue to digital operations.

Both Kenwood & Icom provide repeaters and terminals that are capable of operating in full digital or in legacy analogue modes, allowing for the staged or phased upgrade approach to an existing network. Terminals may be added to an existing analogue network or infrastructure may be upgraded and initially operated in analogue mode. Either way, the conversion to fully digital operation can take place at a time of your choosing.

Spectrum Efficient

All NEXEDGE and IDAS equipment operates in 25 & 12.5 kHz analog and 12.5 & 6.25 kHz  digital modes – satisfying spectrum requirements today & tomorrow.

Migration by Design

NEXEDGE® extends the life of current radio system assets. All NXDN® digital modes use the same Class-C power amplifiers and site management equipment used for current analog stations, ensuring return on investment (ROI) and a multitude of supplier choices. Current analog and NXDN® digital fleets can share a NEXEDGE® base/repeater station in 12.5 kHz conventional ''Mixed Mode,'' thus providing uninterrupted service as long as needed and a straightforward migration path as aging analog fleets are replaced with digital. Also, NEXEDGE® trunked traffic channels can be shared with existing external analog conventional or trunked logic controllers, extending service to fleets as a transition to NXDN® trunking is underway.

Variety of Operation

NEXEDGE® systems are configurable in traditional conventional, trunked and wide area trunked network operation modes. IP connectivity for NEXEDGE® trunked sites provides scalability over existing LAN/WAN assets and services.

Outstanding Voice Quality

The AMBE+2™ Vocoder is a state-of-the-art voice compression digitization technology that offers superior clarity at varying signal strengths, even at highway speeds