Wireless - Point to Point

What is Point to Point?

Point to Point is the process of extending the Wired Network by means of a single Wireless Link

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the Type of Radio Equipment specified for a Point to Point Link will depend on how far the Wireless Data needs to travel and how much Wireless Data needs to be sent across the Link


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  • No ongoing Network Costs
  • Cost effective means of extending your Network   to remote or difficult locations
  •  Workforce safety
  •  Redundant Data Path
  •  Retain Ownership of Network Infrastrucutre


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  •  Internet for Multi-site Campuses or Businesses
  •  Voice & Video
  •  CCTV for Equipment Monitoring
  •  Remote Security
  •  Disaster Planning
  •  Separate Critical Data
  •  Multimedia



What is a Licensed Point to Point Solution ?


The owner of a Licensed Frequency is the only party able to transmit or receive on that Frequency. Licenses are purchased from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (The ACMA.)


What are the benefits of a Licensed POINT to POINT Solution?


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  • Guarantees the availability of the Link
  • Guarantees freedom from Interference
  • Guarantees availability of Critical Data
  • Licensed Links have more power available for the transmitter
  • Licensed Links can send the Data further



[Link] How much will my License Cost?


[Table of License Fees by Density]


[Link] Learn More


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 [link] GENCOM Licensed Point to Point Equipment

[link] Indoor

CAMBIUM PTP 800i [link] specsheet

CAMBIUM PTP 810i [link] specsheet

[link] Outdoor

CAMBIUM PTP 800 [link] specsheet

CAMBIUM PTP 810 [link] specsheet


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