Subscriber Networks

Gencom owns and/or operates a number of radio communications networks across the region and shares access to extensive national coverage networks with our partners in other regions.

Digital Networks

ORION-LOGOGencom manages the northern NSW extent of the nation-wide Orion Network. This is a first class digital subscriber network providing extensive coverage in the Hunter Region, as well as the Central Coast, Sydney, South Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane. Users can roam across the network as if they were local, without having to change channels, and maintain contact with their fleet. The audio quality from MotoTRBO is superb and with 3rd Party application in continuous development, the future for this platform is unbounded.


DigiNEXGencom also owns and operates it own low cost digital network built on the NXDN platform around the lower Hunter and Central Coast. This system is ideal for small commercial and service enterprises operating within the region and provides digital benefits without the complexity. This is the system of choice for Hire Car operators, taxis, and companies with small teams of mobile workers operating around the region.