Wireless Data

Extend your Wired Computer Network Quickly & Easily with the latest in Secure High PerformanceWireless Technology!

Does your Business operate out of more than one location?

Do you have employess located in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional Wired Infrastructure?

Do you have mobile employees that you would like to include into your existing Networks?

Are you concerned about the Response time and Service Levels provided by the Major Telecommunications players?

Do you have Business Critical  information that you would like to manage separately?

Do you have Valuable equipment stored in remote locations that you would like to protect via CCTV? 

Are you a Local Government or Educational Institution?


If the answer is "YES" to any or all of these questions, then Gencoms' range of Secure, High Performance Wireless Data products could be what you are looking for.


Gencom's experience in installing, configuring and operating Secure Wireless Networks makes us an ideal partner to assist you in achieving your networking goals, whether you're extending across a busy road or across the state.

There are many different ways of organising Wireless Networks, so to see which type of solution is going to work best for you, please use the links below. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call to discuss what you are wanting to do with your Wireless Data. 

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