Gencom is the foremost provider of digital radio products and mine radio solutions to the mining industry in NSW with particular focus in the coal mining industry centred around the Hunter Valley, Gunnedah Basin and Ulan coal measures.

We have installed digital radio solutions for all the biggest players in the mining industry including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Coal & Allied and Xstrata Coal with more on the way.trailer-450x300

The technologies employed include the P25 digital radio standard as well as the Tetra standard - both mission critical digital two way communications implementations providing the highest level of quality, security, redundancy and performance. Experience the superb voice clarity and positive communications benefits of a digital two way radio solution,an investment in the number one safety critical system in any operating minesite.

Many companies in the industry have used the resources boom to re-invest in their operations, replacing traditional analogue radio systems that in many cases have been in operation for nearly 40 years.P9150921

More recently the advent of the Motorola MotoTRBO platform has enabled many mining companies to achieve similar performance across their minesites with a much lower cost. The MotoTRBO platform delivers much of what the top tier p[latforms (Tetra & P25) while offering the ability to slowly phase in digital operations on the minesite, replacing traditional analogue radios with the MotoTRBO terminals. Once the mine has reached a critical mass of TRBO radios on site, a decision can then be made to replace the analogue repeaters with digital MotoTRBO repeaters still operating in analogue mode. Once all the radios on site have been replaced, the system can be simply switched over to digital, enabling all the features and benefits that digital radio offers to the mining industry - security, audio clarity, unique identifiers, GPS location and much more.

 Gencom has deployed a number of MotoTRBO rollouts in the mining industry, and the Gunnedah Basin and Ulan coal measures look set to be MotoTRBO across the board. This in turn simplifies the situation for contractors in the area, offering them a lower cost of compliance as well as the opportunity to utilise the benefits of the MototTRBO platform for their own fleet communications.