Pagers & Paging Systems

Alarm Paging

Alarm paging involves stand-alone alarm monitoring solutions and alarm products that integrate with paging systems. This family of alarm monitoring products has an alarm paging system to monitor low-level alarm inputs or a serial data stream.Motorola-Pager

The Alarm Paging System can provide immediate notification of a multitude of alarm conditions directly to the target pager wearer, without human intervention and with a customised text message.

Emergency Services

The emergency services industry consists of large groups of volunteer and/or paid career emergency services staff. Emergency services use a wide range of sophisticated communications equipment of which paging plays a major role.

Pagers are an ideal solution for locating a large number of mobile staff at a relatively low cost. Coupled with its group call facilities, voice prompted telephone access and a high-powered transmitter infrastructure, paging systems are an ideal communications solution. The problem faced by emergency services is being able to contact a large number of staff quickly and economically. Traditional carrier networks, such as mobile phones and wide area pagers, are expensive to operate and do not provide coverage throughout sparsely populated areas. The installation of a private wide area paging system means that emergency staff can be contacted at anytime without attracting the ongoing call charges associated with cellular and paging carriers.

Health Solutions

Our healthcare paging allows you to contact staff in a hurry. Within an aged care environment our systems report patient calls directly to hospital pagers. Aged care environments can integrate the facilities of their paging system with nurse call systems so that a carer can be contacted simply, quickly and reliably. Many hospitals primarily use paging for inter-staff communications via the telephone system. A PABX interface enables all staff members to be permanently in touch within the hospital. By simply pressing a few buttons on any telephone extension, staff can send numeric, stored alphanumeric or a combination of both to any staff member with a hospital pager, cellular phone, email address or wireless telephone handset - even an overhead LED display board. Hospitals also require the integration of numerous other electronic systems into the hospital paging system such as nurse call systems, building management, security and fire alarms. These alarm systems generate a predetermined alphanumeric message and alert staff to potential problems. The hospital's local area network (LAN) may also be connected to the paging system, allowing messages to be sent to hospital pagers from any PC.


As a restaurant, cafe or bistro manager, you know the importance of balancing good customer service with the lowest possible labour costs. A Gencom restaurant paging system offers you a balance between good customer service and labour cost savings. Choose from either our coaster style or bistro type pagers which can be personalised to promote your current services. Paging systems are also used in clubs, hotels and resorts to alert staff to security issues, fires and normal operations. These systems ensure that staff receive a written record of tasks, automatic workload distribution, automated calls from alarms and group calls directly on their pocket pagers. The majority of hospitality calls are made through telephone systems but the majority of staff are mobile. Phone/paging integrations allow you to maintain a high level of communications to ensure efficiency and high levels of guest service. In addition to locating staff, paging systems are used to monitor service and jackpot alarms on various poker machines within gambling areas. The restaurant chef presses a button to indicate that a meal is ready and wait staff are instantly notified via their pagers. When alarm monitoring is incorporated to paging systems, the relevant staff can be alerted via their pagers, to emergencies such as fire alarms, equipment failure or security alarms.