Wireless - Point to Multipoint

What is Point to Multipoint?

Point to MultiPoint is the process of extending the Wired Network by means of multiple Wireless Links. Point to Multipoint Solutions generally extend the Network to Multiple Fixed Sites. If you are wanting to include mobile users on your network, please click here to be taken to our Mesh Network products.


[Graphic showing PMP Link]


The Type of Radio Equipment specified for a Point to MultiPoint Link will depend on how far the Wireless Data needs to travel and how much Wireless Data needs to be sent across the Links.





* No ongoing Network Costs


* Cost effective means of extending your Network   to multiple remote or difficult locations


* Workforce safety


* Redundant Data Path


* Retain Ownership of Network Infrastrucutre






* Internet for Multi-site Campuses or Businesses


 *Internet to Remote sites


* Voice & Video


* CCTV for Equipment Monitoring


* Remote Security


* Disaster Planning


* Separate Critical Data


* Multimedia



Point to Multipoint Products (Outdoor Only)


Cambium PMP 100  [specsheet]

Cambium PMP 430  [specsheet]

Cambium PMP 450  [specsheet]


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